Microsoft’s Magic Mirror On The Wall;Does It Really Do It All?
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Microsoft’s Magic Mirror On The Wall;Does It Really Do It All?


Microsoft’s Magic Mirror is sparking a debate in the tech world as of late. It is a smart mirror that reads your emotions and offers predictive suggestions and move in the right direction or not? On Microsoft’s workbench at the moment is Magic Mirror; a surface that resembles the average mirror. It has built in technology that allows a user to view both their reflection and relevant information like the time, weather and current traffic conditions.


The Magic Mirror’s facial recognition system recognises eight different emotions. This includes anger, happiness and surprise. Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Face API then matches a person’s face to their profile. It allows the mirror to display information relevant to that person’s perceived mood.


“Imagine when you wake up in the morning, you’re able to use the mirror to style your hair, do your makeup. While doing that, you can also view the weather,” Izzat Khair, a member of Microsoft Singapore’s developer experience team explained.


Microsoft's Magic Mirror
Image Source: Saheli Roy Choudhury | CNBC


New Technology

The smart mirror concept is not entirely new.  The MYHeart mirror that displayed your vital health statistics, Accenture’s intelligent mirror,analysed your behavioural patterns and could show you what you’d look like in five years’ time.


In 2011, we caught wind of the Cybertecture Mirror. This augmented your reflected image with weather and news. It also checked for messages or social feeds, let you watch a TV program, and gave you information on your health status. It could even act as a personal exercise coach.


The key point seems to be in the personalised customisation of it’s layout. When the mirror scans and recognises your face using Windows Hello technology it will bring up your profile. It will also contain a customised layout of the information you’ve deemed important.


In keeping with the focus on cyber security. The data processed by the Microsoft’s Magic Mirror would be stored on a private cloud. The data would be deleted after seven days.


The Magic Mirror is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 running a hosted web app on Windows 10 Core.  Making it more or less a consumer-level project. As the mirror is still in its demo stage, Microsoft will announce its commercial release date soon.