CES®2017: Wrap up, what you might have missed!
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CES® 2017 Driverless cars, super model thin TV’s, triple screened notebooks and of course the super capable Amazon Alexa all found in one location…. 3,800 exhibiting companies with a ginormous space of more than 2.6 million net square feet, this year’s CES® was a record ground breaker across 4 fabulous days (5-8 January), hosting some of the world’s biggest companies in addition to the 600 start-ups vying for attention in Eureka Park Marketplace.


CES® is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that has captivated worldwide audiences for the past 50 years, and takes place in the city of Las Vegas.  This trade association, now the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity, represents a whooping US$287 billion in the consumer technology industry.  Indicators for final audited attendance figures are yet to be known, but it’s confident to say over 170,000 people from all corners of the world were represented here.  This included representatives & execs from buying organisations, media, notable global & political figures, government officials leaders, with world-famous celebrities on show to present and spruik.


25 marketplaces set up within the tradeshow, ranging from gaming, robotics to smart homes, fitness and technology. Each of marketplaces are unique exhibit areas, which exhibit and feature the latest in technology services, concepts, products and companies.


Highlights from CES®2017


Some highlights from CES®2017 included the UVify racing drone which flies up to 160 kph whilst performing aerial assaults, 360-degree flips and stunts. Built from a lightweight carbon fibre, it’s paired with virtual reality goggles offering a terrific first-person view flying experience for the pilot. The modular design means that if it gets damaged, the propellers and appendages can easily be swapped.

(Source: cnet.com/products/uvify-draco)


Another big hit has been the Dell UP3218K, 8K-resolution monitor with 7680×4320 pixel resolution. It is compared as to having four 4k screens in a single panel, being able to display 100% of the Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces. With minimal bezel on all four sides of the screen, as well as pivot, tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, it provides the user with a professional experience.


(Source: www.cnet.com/products/dell-ultrasharp-up3218k/preview/)


Lenovo Virtual Reality


Lenovo have also brought out a new Virtual Reality headset which is relatively inexpensive and weighs only 350 grams, being significantly lighter than the Rift and Vive headsets. It has been designed to rest against your forehead, containing a pair of 1440×1440 OLED screens floating in front of your face. A flip-up front also allows you to easily switch between VR and the real word a lot easier.


Lenovo Virtual Reality
(Source: www.engadget.com/2017/01/03/lenovo-vr-headset-windows/)


We fell instantly in love with the new LG Hub Robot can perform everyday tasks around the house, such as turning the air conditioning on and delaying the start of your washing machine, with a simple voice command. It features two blinking eyes that also double as a smart home gateway and a personal assistant.


The robot uses Amazon Alexa voice recognition, and is able to be linked to LG’s smart appliances. It will also dance along to music (a little bit of twerking anyone?), and display its own facial expressions that you can interact with.


(Source: www.cio.com/article/3155927/consumer-electronics/the-hub-robot-will-talk-to-your-lg-smart-appliances.html)


A groundbreaking new product launched at CES® is the Raphael Smart Glove. The glove has been designed to help patients who need physical therapy, such as stroke patients to be able to use their hand again. The white glove wraps around the patient’s hand and allows the user to have movement with position sensors on the fingers and wrists.


The glove connects to an Android app via Bluetooth, and allows users to be taken through games and activities that help strengthen the muscles in the hands and arms. Not only does the glove help the user practice moving their hand, it also helps track their physical activity through their progress using the device


(Source: www.cnet.com/products/rapael-smart-glove/preview/)