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  • 11/07/2019
    Watchguard Compact Series 4K Surveillance Syste,
  • 10/08/2018
    Walking into any technology store these days to find out what products are available on home automation and how to get the most from your smart devices can sometimes be a challenge. Only a few years back, you would need to be a tech genius and in the know with certain apps such as IFTTT (if this, then that), to pull a virtual assistant kit together to talk to one another.   However in 2018, experienced staff at Leading Edge Computers can give you the best advice on which companies are leading the charge on home automation AI and which of the designed products can assist in making your hectic home life super smart and organised....
  • 09/03/2018
    As jobs will increasingly be transformed by automation, it is becoming evident that Australia is facing a tech skill shortage.   By 2030, Australian workers will be spending up to 77% more time using science and mathematics skills. To be able to compete internationally, and ensure advancement in IT and tech, a STEM literate workforce is vital for the future. Despite its necessity for future job growth, female participation in the industry remains an untapped resource.   As jobs will increasingly be transformed by automation, it is becoming evident that Australia is facing a tech skill shortage. By 2030, Australian workers will be spending up to 77% more time using science...
  • 07/10/2018
    Crypto currencies have grown significantly within the last year. They have been making a great impact worldwide as alternative forms of currency. In January 2018, the price had increased over 500% in 12 months – a never seen before phenomenon. Bitcoin is not bound by any specific government regulations, it is an extremely volatile currency, and the most minor change can fluctuate its prices enormously.   The first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was released in 2009 by an anonymous creator named Satoshi Nakamoto. It was the first digital currency to provide a decentralised electronic cash system without a central authority or server. This has enabled a cheaper and simpler method of spending money internationally because it bypasses traditional third parties such as banks and  governments....