Month: March 2017
  • 03/13/2017

    LEC TechCast Video


    Watch our latest LEC TechCast video in which Jeremy reviews the Netgear Orbi.




    Hi, I’m Jeremy for Leading Edge Computers and on this episode of the LEC TechCast we are going to look at Netgear’s latest networking product, ORBI.


    Orbi is the world’s first tri-band mesh home WiFi system which delivers fast, secure and reliable WiFi to every inch of your home.


    So what does mesh wifi mean and what does it do? This is what makes ORBI really neat. Mesh wifi provides a single WiFi network for your entire house.


    Traditionally if you needed better signal at home, you would need to setup a router and range extender giving you two network names and two passwords with no way to automatically switch between them. This means you may be connected to the weaker signal of these two networks without knowing which could limit your wifi speed.


    With Orbi, you have one wifi network name, one password and wifi throughout the house!


    The Orbi pack contains two identical looking Orbi units. One is the router which plugs into your modem and the second is the satellite which you can position elsewhere in your home to maximise your WiFi range. Both are linked via a dedicated wireless connection which ensures you are getting fast and reliable WiFi performance.


    Both units don’t look anything like a traditional router or range extender. There are no external antennas or sharp edges, instead it is finished with a smooth and sleek looking design.


    The router has 3 LAN ports and connects to your existing modem. The satellite unit has 4 LAN Ports making it ideal to position it near a TV/media centre and utilise direct connections to each device via cat cable.


    Setup is really easy and can be done via an app on your smartphone. It takes only minutes to get you up and going.


    For advanced users, you can still log directly into the router itself where it utilises Netgears familiar user interface.


    I was lucky enough to test this unit out at home running an NBN Fibre connection. Running a connection test on an xbox one plugged directly into a LAN port on the satellite, I was able to get 93mb down and 34mb up speed which is excellent! The satellite was approximately 12m away from the router and separated by 5 walls including a brick wall.


    Running games like Battlefield 1 and streaming services like Netflix, we didn’t experience any buffering or lag indicating a solid and fast connection between the router and satellite.


    Netgear advise that the two Orbi units can cover up to 370 square metres in homes, and you have the ability to add on additional satellites should you need more range.


    This is a great solution for anyone who has poor WiFi signal in their home and don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up and connecting to separate WiFi networks all the time.


    Netgear’s Orbi makes this a thing of the past, easy setup, one network name, one password and fast WiFi delivered throughout the house!


    If you want to find out more about the Netgear Orbi, head in to your local Leading Edge Computers store where one of the friendly staff members can help you out.


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    I’m Jeremy for Leading Edge Computers and thanks for watching this episode of the LEC Techcast. Have you missed our LEC TechCast episode 8, view it here – LEC TechCast Ep 8- HP Spectre X13