Month: August 2016
  • 08/26/2016

    Gaming mouse is developed for you to use for several hours at a time and is built single to improve your gaming sessions.


    They often:


    1. Are ergonomic
    2. Prevent sweat build up
    3. Have programmable buttons
    4. Have adjustable sensitivity


    Gaming Mouse Logitech

    Gaming Mouse is great for all round computer work too!


    You can easily use your extra mouse buttons to effortlessly:


    1. Switch between browser tabs
    2. Empty your recycle bin
    3. Launch and close apps (keep a calculator or snipping tool handy!)
    4. Paste text blocks (keep email templates handy for use on the fly)


    Durability & Improved Performance


    Gaming mouse is made using high quality materials for better performance, so are considered more durable. Gaming involves lots of movement, clicking and scrolling, for periods stretching hours. It may even get smashed or banged onto the desk! Buttons are made to be clicked millions of times, glide pads are made to reduce friction while being durable and anti-sweat coating is in place. If you opt for a gaming mouse, it should perform at a high level for a long time, which saves you buying a new mouse regularly.


    Comfort & Ergonomic Advantages


    Wireless Mouse GripGaming mice are designed to feel comfortable in your hand even during long periods of use. They are crafted to conform to the human hand much better compared to regular mice. We all don’t have the same hand or grip; some people have large hands, some have small hands; some may prefer to use the palm grip while others prefer the claw grip.

    You can find a wireless mouse better suited to your hand and grip, which reduces stress and fatigue on your hand during long gaming sessions and results in a better gaming experience. Similarly, using your gaming mouse for work for extended periods of time is also a valid reason to opt for a gaming mice, making it an excellent choice for gamers and non-gamers alike.




    Wireless gaming mouse comes with various customisable buttons. It can be used to copy, delete, paste, and perform any tasks that you may do often. By using macros, you can record a set of actions from your keyboard/mouse and play them back with a single mouse button that you assign to the macro. For instance, if your task executes by pressing “F5″ + “Q” + “9″, then rather than pressing each individual keys, you can record those keys in a macro and use a single mouse click to playback those abilities.


    In addition, a gaming mouse has better tracking for smoother cursor movement. With these features, it allows you to be more productive with ease and comfort.


    An Excellent Choice


    Gaming mouse is built to be more precise and accurate, which important in many fast paced games. The response time of a gaming mouse is usually 1ms, which allows you to react faster than if you had a regular mouse with 4-6+ ms as response time. Further, after customising your extra buttons and setting the DPI-rating right for you, you can reprogram your mouse to every game you may play and thus have your own unique tailored gaming mouse. Lastly, compared to a regular mouse, a gaming mouse has better optical/laser sensors that tracks better on different kind surfaces, such as glass.


    Best Gaming Mouse


    The Conclusion


    Indeed, opting for a gaming mouse can offer you various advantages both for gaming and for work purposes. Find your closest Leading Edge Computers store to check our wide gaming mouse selection. Store Locator

  • 08/03/2016

    Powerbank, also known as battery packs, portable chargers, fuel banks, pocket power cells and back-up charging devices allow you to charge your device on the go.


    There are a lot of options on the market currently; they come in various sizes, some with cords included, and some with multiple ports (for charging multiple devices simultaneously). So, which do you buy? Well, that depends on what you’ll be using it for, so you’ll want to evaluate the following:


    1. PowerBank Capacity


    Bigger devices that draw more power will need bigger batteries (more mAh) to charge fully. If you’re just after a power bank to keep in your bag in case of emergencies, a power bank under 5,000 mAh will suffice. If you want to be able to use it multiple times before having to recharge, aim for one with more than 10,000 mAh.



    Types of PowerBanks



    2. Portability


    This comes down to physical size and the construction of the portable power bank. Is it durable? Can you happily throw it in a backpack/handbag and forget about it? The bigger the capacity, the bigger the physical size of the powerbank – so you will have to compromise somewhere.


    3. Quality


    Good specifications and poor quality will result as waste. Quality refers to material used to cover the power bank’s circuit and the circuit’s designing. ie circuit protection. Some cheap quality power banks, which only focuses on capacity and not on quality have a greater chance of exploding. You’ll want to look for temperature protection, protection from short circuit, input over voltage protection, protection from incorrect insertion and output over current.


    4. Reputable Brand


    Some power bank chargers are made with refurbished batteries, which make them a cheaper option. Pick a good powerbank that has a warranty or a brand that is already known or comes recommended. You want to keep your devices safe.


    5. Charging Output / Input


    Most portable chargers will come with either a 1A or 2.1A output port or both. These denote the maximum rate of charging in amps. So the higher the amperage, the faster the device will charge assuming it’s compatible. 1A output ports are suitable for most smartphones. Tablets require a 2.1A outport for optimal charging. Power banks capable of charging laptops will likely come with a 3A port.

    Input ranges from 1Amp up to 2.4Amps; the bigger the input number, the faster it will recharge.



    Things to look for:


    • Number of USB ports

    This means you can charge more than one device at a time


    • A cable to charge the power pack

    It should always come with one


    • A cable to charge your device

    Look to see which connectors it comes with; lightening, mini usb etc.


    • LED indicator

    So you know how full your portable battery pack is and when you need to recharge it.


    • Certification

    Look for logos/marks, usually found on the packaging, that indicate that it has passed the industry standard regulations.



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